Project Title: Ruffino Parcel Map 
Case Number:  20TPM-00003, TPM 14,848                              
Project Location: 774 Main Street, Los Alamos 
Assigned Staff and Division:

Erick Sebastian Gomez, Planner, Development Review Division


Application Complete   

Orcutt Gas Parcel

Fargas Survey, Inc, 2021

Orcutt Gas Parcel Drawing

Project Description

The project is a request for the approval of Tentative Parcel Map to subdivide one 66,645 sq. ft. parcel into the following four parcels:

Parcel 1          19,305 net sq. ft.

Parcel 2           17,947 net sq. ft.

Parcel 3           16,980 net sq. ft.

Parcel 4           12,415 net sq. ft.

Existing structural development on the property includes a single-family residence, garage, outdoor kitchen, barn, water tower base, windmill, accessory dwelling unit (ADU), shed. The garage and shed will be demolished to accommodate proposed access and utility easements. All other structures will remain. After the subdivision, Parcel 4 will contain the existing residence garage, outdoor kitchen, and barn.  Parcel 3 will contain the existing water tower base, windmill, and ADU. Parcels I and 2 will remain vacant.

Parcel 4 will be accessed from Main Street via a 20 ft. wide access easement. The remaining three parcels will be accessed from Shaw Street via a proposed 24 ft. wide access easement; egress only will be allowed onto Main St. for Parcels 1, 2, and 3.  Ingress from Main Street to Parcels 1, 2, and 3 will be limited to emergency vehicles. Shaw Street will be widened to 24 ft. between the east and west property lines of Parcel 1. Grading required for future access and utility improvements will include an estimated 650 cu. yds. of cut and 550 cu. yds. of fill. A total of nine (9) trees will need to be removed to accommodate the widening of Shaw Street and installation of a future driveway and utilities. The proposed subdivision will be served by the Los Alamos Community Services District and the County Fire Department.

No structural development is proposed in the scope of this project. The subject property is a 1.53 acre parcel zoned 10-R-2 shown as Assessor Parcel No. 101-260-040 and located at 774 Main Street, in the Los Alamos community area, Third Supervisorial District.


A Tentative Parcel Map must be approved by the decision maker prior to Final Map recordation.

The Third District Supervisor's Office held a community meeting for the Project on January 28, 2021. A link to the recording of that meeting is available under the "Documents and Links" section below. 


Application Submitted on June 16, 2020

Application Complete for Processing as of March 25, 2021

Zoning Administrator hearing date to be determined.

Documents and Links

Recording of January 28th, 2021 Community Meeting