Project Title:CEQA Guidelines Revisions 2020
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Project Location:Countywide
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Julie Harris, Long Range Planning Division


On September 15, 2020 the County Board of Supervisors approved amendments to the County Guidelines for the Implementation of CEQA (County Guidelines) and the Environmental Thresholds and Guidelines Manual (ETM). The Board Letter is available to view here


Pursuant to Section 15022(c) of the State CEQA Guidelines (which directs each public agency to adopt objectives, criteria, and specific procedures consistent with CEQA and the State CEQA Guidelines), the project included minor procedural revisions to the County Guidelines and the ETM (linked below) to bring administrative practices into alignment with revisions to the State CEQA Guidelines that took effect in 2019. The project also included the following minor amendments: (1) revisions to the procedures in the County Guidelines for adopting revisions to the ETM, (2) clarification of existing County procedures, (3) clarification of the quality of life guidelines, and (4) revisions to the noise thresholds.  


In 1988, the Board of Supervisors adopted the County Guidelines and the ETM, replacing earlier versions of these documents. Since then, the County has periodically revised the County Guidelines and the ETM for a variety of reasons, including, for example, in response to a specific Board request, or when changes to the State CEQA Guidelines warranted an update to the County Guidelines for conformity (CEQA Guidelines Section 15022(c)). The County Guidelines and the ETM have been revised several times since 1988.  


County Board of Supervisors

September 15, 2020

County Planning Commission

July 29, 2020


Board Letter Attachment 2 - County Guidelines revisions

Board Letter Attachment 3 - Environmental Thresholds Manual revisions

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