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Welcome to the County of Santa Barbara Surveyor Information System 2(beta) interactive map service. It provides an easy method of accessing Recorded Land Survey Information within the County of Santa Barbara through a web based internet mapping application. View your property or project area in relation to Corner Records, Intersection Ties, Parcel Maps, Record of Surveys, Map Books, and Condo Maps, just to name a few. Beyond viewing of data, users now have mobile access to enhanced functionality which includes>:

  • Search by Assessor Parcel Number (APN) or Address.
  • Find specific recorded documents by Record Identification.
  • Access to further detail information on each recorded document.
  • Access to digital recorded maps and documents.

Online instructions for using the Surveyor Information System 2(beta) are available from this Helpful Interface Guide.
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New Surveyor Information System 2 (beta)

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