Coastal Cleanup Day 2020

September 26, 2020 from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Coastal Cleanup Day is a local and international event held every September to clean our beaches and waterways.

Explore Ecology is coordinating this year's event.  Visit their official event page  or email for the most up to date information.

In Partnership With:

2020 Cleanup Sites

Visit the official event page for the most up to date locations. Google Site Map

What else is on this page?

There's lots to know about Coastal Cleanup Day. Find all the answers to your questions below!

What happened in 2019?

Coastal Cleanup Day 2019 had another huge volunteer turnout! 1259 volunteers collected over 5,663 pounds of trash and 674 pounds of recyclables from 27 sites from Rincon Beach Park to Guadalupe Dunes in Santa Barbara County!  

About half of the volunteers brought their own reusable buckets or reusable bags for trash and gloves for the cleanup.  Some sites, like Explore Ecology, who hosted a site at Arroyo Burro Beach, brought their own reusable buckets for volunteers to use to discourage waste.  

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What to Bring

Just like any cleanup event, it's a good idea to wear closed-toed shoes, bring your own reusable water bottle, and wear sunscreen and other sun protection like hats or sunglasses. Go the extra mile and BYO-BOB (see below)!


We encourage you to Bring Your Own Bag Or Bucket or a friend named Bob! Reusable gloves and friends of other names are welcome too.

Volunteer efforts last year saved over 500 bags, which were used for other cleanups throughout the year. The less trash we generate for the event the better it is for the environment. Read more about the effort on the Coastal Commission's website !

Do we need to bring our own supplies?

No, but it is highly encouraged. While we want to have the cleanest and greenest cleanup possible, we'll provide recycling and trash bags, gloves, and data cards for volunteers. However, don't be surprised if you only get one bag or one glove!  After all, our primary goal is to reduce...and then reuse and recycle.

Ages Requirements and Youth Volunteers

We welcome all ages at Coastal Cleanup Day. Most of our sites are appropriate for children, but if you see a location that requires lots of walking, make sure your kids can handle it. We also require a responsible adult to sign for any child under 18.

Community Service Credits

Beach captains have been authorized to sign your community service paperwork. Bring the appropriate forms and come help us out! Email for more info.