Recorded Maps

These maps are filed and recorded in the County Recorder's Office "Recorded Map Books".

Surveyor Guide

Guide to Recorded Map Books

Includes a timeline of Recorded Map Books,
catagorized by book type and number range.

Parcel Maps

Parcel Maps

County Surveyor's Subdivision Parcel Maps;
Note: These are not County Assessor's Tax Parcel Maps, for a specific Assessor Parcel Number's general property information details available public. (for County network only access, see the County Assessor's Property Inquiry).

Lot Splits

S. B. City Lot Splits

City of Santa Barbara

Misc Maps

Misc. Maps 1-4

Chattels, Deeds, Leases, Misc. Records and Patents

land grants

Land Grants

Pueblo Land, Islands, Missions, and Ranchos by Patent

Separate Assessments

Separate Assessments

Community Apartment Projects

For other geospatial information from the Santa Barbara County Public Works Department that is not available online, please contact: Teñell Matlovsky, Public Works Survey Supervisor and GIS Analyst.

For all other geospatial information from the County of Santa Barbara visit:
The Santa Barbara County Mapping and GIS Resources Page